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    About BC Bait Co.

    BC Bait Co. was founded by Pennsylvania natives, Bo Bartholomew and Chris Hatfield.  In this short video, Bo and Chris will tell you about why they started BC Bait Co., the principles that drive how they conduct business, and what they intend to accomplish.

    Our Baits

Color - Original Pick Worms
Color - Original Pick Worms (UV Glow)
Color - Mini Pick Worms
Color - Mini Pick Worms (UV Glow)
Color - Short Pick Worms
Color - Short Pick Worms (UV Glow)
Color - Original Terry Bugs
Color - Original Terry Bugs (UV Glow)
Color - Medium Terry Bugs
Color - Medium Terry Bugs (UV Glow)
Color - Terry Bugs XL
Color - Terry Bugs XL (UV Glow)
Color - BC Stingers
Color - BC Stingers (UV Glow)
Color - BC BallTails
Color - BC BallTails (UV Glow)
Color - Hadley Worms
Color - Hadley Worms (UV Glow)
Color - Rib Worms
Color - Rib Worms (UV Glow)
Color - Trout Eggs
Color - Trout Eggs (UV Glow)
Color - BC Scud Bugs
Color - BC Scud Bugs (UV Glow)
Color - BC B Bugs
Color - BC Original Grubs
Color - BC Medium Grubs
Color - Mini Terry Bugs
Color - BC Paddle Shad
Color - BC Original Split Tails
Color - BC Medium Split Tails
Color - BC Tads
Color - BC Mini Craws

A Few Colors