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Here at BC Bait Co., we strive to be more than just a manufacturer of affordable, high-quality baits.  We are also committed to providing you with outstanding customer service!  And, this commitment includes giving you information that will help you catch more fish, more often.  Below are a few resources that we believe are on-point.

Watch BC Bait Co. videos on YouTube!

   Please click the button below to be redirected to our BC Bait Co. YouTube channel, where you can watch videos which feature our baits catching multiple species of fish throughout the year.  Please consider subscribing to ensure that you will be notified of new videos as they are posted.  


Watch BC Bait Co. on YouTube!

Learn to consistently find larger bluegills year-round! 

   Please click the button below to view and download a book entitled "Targeting Trophy Bluegills," which was written by BC Bait Pro Staff Member, Brad Hierstetter.  It is 100% FREE!  

    At the macro level, this book explains how to find waterways containing worthwhile citation bluegill populations.  At the micro level, it assists with narrowing where within your chosen waters you will fish.  

    It provides specific information to aid anglers in locating larger bluegills during Winter, Early Spring, the Pre-Spawn and Spawn Periods, the Post-Spawn and Summer Periods, and Fall.

Read About Bluegill Locations!

Learn about Lake Erie Tributary Steelhead! 

   Please click the button below to be redirected to an article written by BC Bait Co. Co-Founder, Bo Bartholomew.  It is entitled "Steeling the Show:  Lessons Learned on the Lake Erie Tributaries."  

    In this short article, you will learn that the BC Hadley Worm is a highly effective bait for the steelhead trout that inhabit the tributaries of Lake Erie and other Great Lakes.  



Read About Hadley Worm Steelhead!